Planning & Booking The Magic

Planning & Booking The Magic

A Bespoke Travel Service

According to research, the average traveler spends approximately 45 days searching over 38 different websites before finding a vacation that meets their needs, budgets and expectations.

That’s an awful lot of time taken out of your busy day to day lives just looking around. This is one of the main reasons why so many vacationers now turn to independent travel agents to book their ideal get-a-way’s.

This is what we do at Fly Mickey Travel, Planning & Booking The Magic !

Step 1. What does your dream vacation look like!

Firstly, fill out our Request A Quote form telling us all about the adventure you’d like to go on. Where you’d like to go, Who you’d like to go with, How many nights you’d like away you’d like, What your preferred travel options are, Which attractions you’d like to go to, What your special requirements are, What your budget is… and the list goes on.

The more you tell us, the more we can make your day that much more magical.

Step 2. We get to work on the magic

This is where we do the  research while you sit back with a nice cup of tea, maybe take in a movie, or spend some quality time with your family dreaming of your next big Disney adventure.

We have access to a huge library of preferred travel partners to source your vacation options from, through our affiliation with Merlin Travel Group. This means we can find you the best travel options out there for you, that best fit with what your looking.

Step 3. Quoting the adventure

Here’s the fun part. Look out for that all important email in your inbox from Fly Mickey Travel. In there will be your personalized quotation as an attachment. We generally create three magical vacation options for you to consider.

The Wish Quote: 
This will be the quotation that best fits the requirements you set out at the beginning.

A Dream Quote
This will show you any upgrades, such as flights, room etc. that could be applied to your wish quote, for you to consider.  

A Fantasy Quote.
This quote will show you any other add-on options, such as excursions, shows etc. that we feel may enhance the magic of your vacation but were not part of your original requirements. There just maybe something here that could be added to make your dreams really come true.  

These quotes are not final, and you can add, amend or even completely start over as many times as you’d like until we discover that perfect dream vacation together.

Note: The prices we quote you will be LIVE, meaning they can change at anytime.

Step 4. Sprinkle that pixie dust

Once you have picked your perfect vacation and your happy with all the details included, just give us that thumbs up and we’ll start shaking the pixie dust on making the dream a magical reality.

Note: While there is no rush to confirm you wish to go ahead with your quote, delays could lead to changes in the total costs, as our quotes are always created on a LIVE booking system.  

  • We’ll give you all the full details and control over paying your chosen vacation, whether it be with an initial deposit followed by a payment schedule, full payment upfront or maybe a zero down pay later option. Remember, as we are an independent travel affiliate of Merlin Travel Group, our customers are protect by their membership of PTS (Protected Trust Services). When booking a holiday or single aspect with us, as affiliates of a PTS member, you can be assured that your funds are protected. In the unlikely event that our member fails. All funds are held in an independent Trust Account, for your peace of mind.

Note: We will not go ahead with any bookings without your authorization. Your bookings are secure and protected.

Step 5. Confirmations and Congratulations

Now your dream vacation has been booked, we’ll be sending you all the relevant confirmations, details, policies and extras that you will need for your upcoming adventure by email.

You’ll also receive the contact details for the travel partners involved in your vacation, AND you will always be welcome to contact us at anytime with questions and queries for piece of mind before, during and after. Remember that while your away, should you need any assistance, you can contact us FREE of charge via WhatsApp, Live Chat, Skype & Facebook Messenger so it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to get the support you require. 

How can we make your day more magical ?

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Lets start planning your magical vacation today!
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