Tokyo Disneyland

Welcome to Tokyo Disneyland Resort located just outside Tokyo in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

It was the first Disney park to be built outside the United States, and it opened on 15 April 1983. The park was constructed by WED Enterprises in the same style as Magic Kingdom in Florida and Disneyland in California.

The park has seven themed areas: the World Bazaar; the four traditional Disney lands: Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland; and two mini-lands: Critter Country and Mickey’s Toontown.

Many of these areas mirror those in the original Disneyland as they are based on American Disney films and fantasies.

Tokyo Disneyland hosts an average 17.9 million visitors, making it the world’s third-most visited theme park behind the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Resort.

Where Dreams Come True

Inside The Park

Seven Different Lands
World Bazaar

World Bazaar is the main entry corridor and primary shopping area of Tokyo Disneyland. The general look and theme of World Bazaar is that of early 20th-century America, matching the “Main Street, U.S.A.” areas of other Magic Kingdom-style parks.

World Bazaar consists of two intersecting “streets”: Main Street (the primary corridor running from the main entrance toward Cinderella Castle), and Center Street, which forms a perpendicular line with Main Street and leads to Adventureland in one direction and Tomorrowland in the other.

World Bazaar has a permanent canopy covering the Main Street and Center Street areas, designed to protect guests from the elements.


Adventureland is a mish-mash of the various Adventureland interpretations. It features a unique ride – the Western River Railroad – and a Lilo & Stitch-themed version of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room.

It features a pair of sub-lands: The Typhoon Lagoon inspired Coral Landing near the Swiss Family Treehouse and another one based on New Orleans Square at Disneyland, which features Pirates of the Caribbean.


Westernland is an “old west” themed area, the counterpart of Frontierland in other Magic Kingdom-style parks.

Like its counterparts, the landscape of Westernland is dominated by the Rivers of America, a man-made waterway that is home to the Mark Twain Riverboat, Tom Sawyer Island and numerous live and Audio-Animatronic animals.

Critter Country

When Splash Mountain opened at Tokyo Disneyland, Critter Country was specifically created for it. The only other attraction in this area is Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes (formerly Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes in Westernland).

Because of the land’s small size and the popularity of Splash Mountain, Critter Country is extremely crowded throughout the day.

The Country Bear Jamboree is located in Westernland.


Fantasyland has two original attractions among the usual dark rides: Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Hall, which features the story of Cinderella in a walk-through style attraction, and Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, which uses a trackless ride system.

It is also the only version of Fantasyland to still feature the original version of Dumbo the Flying Elephant with only ten flying elephants, while the other versions of the attraction have sixteen elephants.

In 2015, Oriental Land Company revealed a major expansion/re-imagining was announced that includes the addition of areas based around โ€œBeauty and the Beastโ€ will be the theme for the new area in development due to open soon.


Although Walt Disney originally intended Tomorrowland to be a “living blueprint” of the future, Tokyo Disneyland’s Tomorrowland never directly showcased future technology, instead opting for a science fiction fantasy theme.

Prominent attractions include Space Mountain as well as the Pan Galactic Pizza Port, a restaurant that features a large audio-animatronic pizza-making machine operated by a whimsical alien creature named Tony Solaroni.

New attractions feature movie tie-ins: Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters and Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek.


Like its counterparts in other Disney theme parks, Toontown (called “Mickey’s Toontown” at other Disney parks) is heavily inspired by the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Appropriately, the major attraction here is Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin.

Dining & Merchandise

Japanese art and architecture became popular in the late 19th century and it was not long before traditional Japanese flavors became popular too, even here in World Bazaar. Restaurant Hokusai is named for the famous artist, Hokusai Katsushika, whose Japanese ukiyo-e prints influenced artists in faraway Europe, Restaurant Hokusai offers the flavors of Japan.

You’re invited to an elegant banquet at the Crystal Palace Restaurant. This grand buffeteria restaurant, with a Victorian-era conservatory design, offers a fine selection of foods. The three-domed glass building is the definition of elegance. Don’t miss the restaurant at night, when it is beautifully illuminated.

Come dine in the romantic Blue Bayou Restaurant. As you might expect, this garden restaurant is located by a quiet bayou where fireflies sparkle in the romantic twilight. Served here are French and Creole-style dishes. Who will you share a romantic dinner with?

Welceme to the tropical Polunesian Terrace Restaurant with live performances. Welcome to an island paradise! Enjoy Polynesian-style cuisine and live performances in a tropical atmosphere, with exotic flowers, seashell chandeliers and chairs made of bamboo.

Food to satisfy even the hungriest traveler at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. Travelers of the Old West can fill up with a wholesome plate of curry. And there’s even a large size for those with a bear-sized appetite. The smell is so good, it may even entice the Country Bears over for a bite or two!

Come dine in an elegant, Old West mansion of Pizza Pavillion Restaurant. The white, lacy architecture of this old frontier-era mansion is home to the largest dining patio in the Park. Pick up a tray and choose your favorite food in this buffeteria-style restaurant.

Welcome to the castle of the Queen of Hearts and her restaurant. This is the castle where the Queen of Hearts, from the Disney film Alice in Wonderland, dwells. The Queen has invited everyone here for a banquet today. There are Wonderland-themed food, unique desserts and much more on the varied, wonderful menu.

Enjoy the best pizza in the galaxy at the Pan Galactic Pizza Port, the franchise’s first branch in the solar system. The manager, Tony Solaroni, is operating the pizza-making PZ-5000 machine while taking lots of out-of-this-world orders.


Enjoy a pasta dish in an elegant setting at the Eastside Cafe. Welcome to this elegant restaurant in early 20th-century America. Enjoy a leisurely meal in a refined atmosphere where the Victorian setting accents the menu.

Sweet pastries to warm your heart at Sweetheart Cafe. This bakery is said to be run by a married couple who get along so well, they named their shop “Sweetheart Cafe.” This white and pink bakery serves freshly baked breads and sweet desserts. Choose your favorite pastry and enjoy the open air terrace.

Pecos Bill Cafe is named for the legendary cowboy. The menu here is as robust as Pecos Bill, the man said to have dug the mighty Rio Grande river. Feeling a little peckish? Enjoy some snacks from this counter service restaurant. Outdoor seating is available for all you fresh-air loving cowboys!

Quick Service & Kiosks

Tokyo Disneyland Park offers 38 different quick service and kiosk food vendors to enjoy around the park during your visit. These outlets offer unique eats from bakery bites to refreshing Ice creams including many local and cultural dishes to try.


Tokyo Disneyland Park has over 43 specialty stores across its theme park, ranging from gifts, souvenirs & apparel to traditional collectibles and attraction merchandise. Whether your looking to delve into the biggest toy shop in the park or bring a little Disney tableware to your house, they have it all just for you and while some stores have a lot of similar items, there are loads that have unique collections in there to!

Rides & Attractions
Thrill Rides

Pirate of the Caribbean
Cannonballs flying across your boat and splashing into the seaโ€ฆ The rough voices of pirates shouting โ€ฆ No matter how many times youโ€™ve experienced it you still get the first-time thrills from this dynamic attraction.

Big Thunder Mountain
It’s a few decades after the big gold rush. The rush now is from the mine trains that careen at high speed through the old gold mine. You’re headed straight for the rocky side of the mountain or going down fast at a tilt … You’ll be screaming with the thrills!

Splash Mountain
Board a log boat and go off on a fun adventure! Be prepared for a 45-degree drop down a 16-meter high waterfall! Your plunge will be captured on film. Visit Splashdown Photos to purchase a copy.

Star Tours: The Adventues Continue
Welcome to the world of Star Wars in 3D! You’ll enjoy an unprecedented thrill as you find yourself right in the middle of the action with familiar characters from the film series.

Space Moutain
A mountainous dome bathed in mysterious lights after dark houses a space station where state-of-the-art spaceships, powered by an unknown energy source, take off and land. Get ready for a thrilling rocket ride through the galaxy!

Dark Rides

Haunted Mansion
This ominous gothic mansion is haunted by 999 ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. They’re all “dying” to make their number an even 1,000. Look over there! It’s a statue with glowing eyes. And invisible hands are playing strange music on that piano. Now, who’s that sitting next to you?

The Enchanted Tiki Room:
Stich Presents “Aloho E Komo Mai!”
An enchanting show with Hawaiian birds gets interrupted when that mischievous Stitch appears! Join in this lively show that gets Guests and tiki gods involved!

‘It’s A Small World’
Dressed in the traditional costumes of their countries, children of the world sing “it’s a small world” as you voyage from Europe, through Asia, Africa, Central America, and the islands of the South Pacific. It’s the happiest cruise that ever sailed!

Snow White’s Adventures
Travel deep into the deep, dark forest where you’ll meet the jolly Seven Dwarfs and a sinister old woman offering a poisoned appleโ€ฆ What will become of Snow White? Will she escape the forest?

Peter Pans Flight
As a child, who hasn’t dreamed of Peter Pan’s world. Now you can board a flying pirate ship for two and sail from London to Never Land! So set sail on the adventure you’ve dreamed of!

Pinocchios Daring Journey
The touching tale of a wooden puppet that becomes a real boy is retold here. Pinocchio from the Disney classic film of the same name goes on an adventurous journey and you can follow along on a mine car.

Pooh’s Hunny Hunt
Travel on a whimsical “hunny pot” with a mind of its own as you follow Winnie the Pooh on his search for honey. Enjoy the warm and friendly world of Pooh and his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic
Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and many more of your Disney friends appear in this magical concert that’s as fun to watch as to listen to. Let Donald sweep you away into the fantastic world of Disney animation!

Roger Rabbits Cartoon Spin
Jump in a cab and go for a drive through the streets and back alleys of Toontown. But take care! The villainous weasels are out to erase Roger Rabbit with their dreaded “dip.” So, will you be able to return safe and sound?

Stitch Encounter
Guests visiting the Stitch Monitoring Station, located in Tomorrowland, will be able to communicate with Stitch in real time over the theaterโ€™s large screen. The entire family will enjoy chatting with that mischievous Stitch in this attraction full of humor and surprises.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
It’s Buzz Lightyear from Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story films! And you’re one of his Space Rangers. Board a space cruiser and get ready for a great adventure. Use the astro blasters (laser shooters) equipped on your space cruiser to blast the robots and their secret weapons in this shooting-game attraction. Coordinate with your friends to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg and save the universe!

Monsters Inc. Hide & Go Seek!
Experience the world of the Disney/Pixar film Monsters, Inc. in this attraction. The human child, Boo, and lots of monsters, including Sulley and Mike, are playing a special game of hide-and-go-seek and you’re invited to join them. As you travel through the Monsters, Inc. offices and the streets of Monstropolis, use your flashlight to “find” the funny, hidden monsters.

Wet & Boat Rides

Jungle Cruise
Board a boat with a brave, light-hearted skipper who loves the jungle. You’ll see elephants, crocodiles, lions and other wildlife on this adventure tour where surprises and mysteries await you. There’s also a nighttime cruise that takes you through the jungles wrapped in an even more mystic and thrilling atmosphere.

Mark Twain Riverboat
Board the Mark Twain Riverboat, an elegant, 3-deck “floating palace,” for a cruise around the Rivers of America. It’s even more romantic at night when the steamboat is all lit up!

Tom Sawyer Island Rafts
Jump on a log raft and head for Tom Sawyer Island, right in the middle of the Rivers of America! Adventures are waiting for you at Injun Joe’s Cave, Huckleberry Swamp, Tom Sawyer’s Treehouse, and more!

Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes
Explore the Rivers of America on a canoe that you and the other canoe riders paddle together yourselves. Just don’t be the one saying you’re tired or critters will have a laugh on you!

Family Rides

Everybody loves this old-fashioned bus! Omnibuses like this one used to travel all around New York City in the beginning of the last century, and now one is here to take you around. Take a casual drive around the Plaza and get a tantalizing glimpse of all the other themed lands in the Park.

Western River Railroad
Climb aboard an authentic steam train for a round trip through Adventureland, Critter Country, and Westernland. You’ll go on a journey that takes you through a tropical jungle and on to the American Old West.

Swiss Family Treehouse
Based on the 1960 Disney film Swiss Family Robinson, the towering treehouse of the Robinson family is recreated here. You can see how they lived in this unique home built in a tree standing 19 meters high.

Alices Tea Party
Sit down in a colorful teacup and turn the wheel in the center to change the speed and direction that the cup whirls. Look for the Dormouse peeking out at you from the huge teapot in the center of the attraction.

Castle Carrousel
White horses with colorful trappingsโ€ฆ Pick your white horse and feel like Cinderella or Prince Charming. The dreams and hopes of Disney’s classic film Cinderella unfold on this lovely carrousel.

Cinderella’s Fairytale Hall
Cinderella and Prince Charming have opened Cinderella Castle to Guests even while they are away. Cinderella wished to share the story of the magical way that she became a princess. Guests are welcome to wander through the castle to view paintings, dioramas, and other artworks that follow her story. Guests of all ages will enjoy entering into the world of this beloved princess.

Gadgets Go Coaster
This roller coaster may be small, but it’s big excitement. You’ll graze a rock face, careen around, and splash through Toon Lake on this thrill of a ride.

Goofy’s Paint’n’Playhouse
Using the Toontone Splat Master paint applicators, you can help Goofy redecorate his room. These tools are really easy to use. Just point your Splat Master at the wall or furniture you want to paint, and then activate! Everyone’s efforts together are sure to result in a truly “toony” room!

Chip ‘n Dale’s Treehouse
Those two prankster chipmunk pals, Chip and Dale live in this big oak tree that provides lots of their favorite acorns. Which is why they love this tree and plan to keep calling it their home.

Toon Park
Near the entrance to Toontown is this pleasant little park designed with little ones in mind. Mickey, who’s also an artist, has created lots of soft sculptures of cute little animals and stars for youngsters to play with, climb on, and crawl through.

Donalds Boat
Floating on Toon Lake is Donald Duck’s boat, the Miss Daisy. Try out the control panel to make the horn honk and turn on the lamps. You’ll feel like you’re the ship’s captain!

Minnies House
The house with the pretty purple roof belongs to Minnie Mouse. Inside you’ll find lots of keepsake photos and other items that she keeps to remind her of Mickey. And in the kitchen, something fun might happen when you touch the oven or dishwasher.

Stage Shows

Jamboree Mickey
Show Length: 25mins
Kids can dance along with the Disney Friends to the lively music based on the โ€œMickey Mouse Marchโ€ in this new program for children.

Let’s Party Graz!
Show Length: 25mins
Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and their Disney Friends put on this fun and lively show inspired by a festive Mardi Gras carnival.

Mickey’s Rainbow Luau
Show Length:65
In this exciting dinner show, Mickey Mouse and his Disney friends honor the heritage of milestone celebrations with music and dance styles of the Polynesian islands.
Enjoy Polynesian-style dishes and beverages in an exotic atmosphere.

Horseshoe Roundup
Show Length: 60mins
How about a rip-roaring good lunchtime at the popular Westernland restaurant, The Diamond Horseshoe, with Woody and Jessie from the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story 2. Woody’s lovable horse Bullseye also makes an appearance and joins in the dancing, singing, laughter and action of this humorous show. Come satisfy your hunger for food and fun!

The Diamond Horseshoe Presents
“Mickey & Company”
Show Length: 80mins
Slue Foot Sue, the owner of The Diamond Horseshoe restaurant, has invited the entertainment troupe “Mickey & Company” for a special one-night only performance. Mickey, Minnie, and “Chef” Donald discover that the maitre d’ is in love with Slue Foot Sue and together with the Guests in the audience they try to help him express his feelings for her.

Shows & Parades
Nighttime Spectaculars

Disney Light the Night

The nighttime sky above the Parks will come alive with colorful fireworks accompanied by Disney songs and music.

Family Friendly
Duration 5 Minutes
Night Parade

Electrical Parade: Dreamlights

The Disney stars are literally sparkling in this nighttime parade of lights and music.

With Mickey and his pals, including characters from Aladdin, Toy Story and other Disney films, appearing on colorful floats, nighttime in the Park is even more fantasy-filled.

Family Friendly
Duration 45 Minutes
Daytime Parade

Dreaming Up! Parade

The wonderful world of Disney films unfolds before you in this colorful parade. Mickey Mouse and his Disney Friends will take Guests to a world of dreams.

Family Friendly
Duration 45 Minutes

Park Map


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