Once Upon A Disney Parks Nanny

'Once Upon A Nanny'
Disney Child Care Specialist

As a parent, have you ever been to Walt Disney World with your children but sometimes found that you would like some kid-free time to yourself to explore the magic of the parks and ride the more adult aimed attractions on your own?

Well University of Central Florida student, Cyan Nardiello discovered herself a niche market and launched her very own babysitting service in Orlando, Florida, making a name for herself as “The Disney Nanny.”

Once Upon a Nanny got its start about three years ago, and has gone from strength to strength, and as you can see from her Facebook page, the Disney Nanny just loves monkeying around the Disney parks with the kids.

Nardiello will often meet up with a family at either the Disney Parks or Universal before hand, get to know the kids and then whisk them off to experience a day of age-appropriate attractions, freeing up the parents to enjoy time to themselves.

A Typical Day For The Disney Nanny

The Disney Nanny has her own TikTok channel, @themeparknanny, where you can see what a typical day looks like for Nardiello. You can usually find her exploring one of the Disney World theme parks or Universal Orlando with a child or a family.

In this TikTok video, Nardiello visits the Animal Kingdom park with her young charge:

The Disney Nanny or one of the other Fairy God-Nannies on her staff, cost on average $25 per hour, with a three-hour minimum.

Walt Disney World are more than happy for childcare specialist to be hired to help out in the theme parks, so if your interested in securing your very own kid-free time on your holiday, let one of our Disney Travel Agents know and we’ll help you make that magic happen.

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