Magic shines brighter At Disneyland Paris

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Magic shines brighter At Disneyland Paris


6 MARCH 2022

Disneyland Paris will celebrate its 30th anniversary starting next March 6 and they have organized new shows, experiences and celebrations with the motto “the magic shines brighter than ever”.

On April 12, 1992, Disneyland Paris officially welcomed visitors for the first time after years of imagination, planning and development to make Walt Disney’s dream come true in Europe.

Three decades later, the resort has continued to expand with new stories, characters and adventures, including franchises such as Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel, becoming the number one tourist destination in Europe.

Rooted in today’s popular culture, over the last three decades, the Resort has inspired numerous international artists (chefs and pastry chefs, fashion designers, photographers) who have shared their own artistic interpretation of Disneyland Paris in their work throughout these decades. years.

The Parisian leisure park presents this year before its visitors with its best anniversary galas as it had never been seen “both day and night”. In a global presentation on an online manner, the president of Disneyland Paris Natacha Rafalski announced “Magical moments for the memory in a new immedimation impregnated with magnificent colors created for the 30th anniversary”.

DLP 30th

The board highlighted the company’s high level of creativity and innovation over these 30 years and announced the different proposals with which Mickey Mouse’s home wants to once again surprise its visitors with new shows, new costumes, new decoration and a renovation at all levels that will accompany the new Sleeping Beauty Castle has reopened its doors to visitors after twelve months of remodeling, revealing its original beauty.

For 30 years, Disneyland Paris has developed increasingly immersive experiences to bring the stories and characters of the Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars franchises to life. The entertainment department has produced more than 200 shows since 1992, and now wants “the magic to continue for many years to come.”

DLP 30th

The director of the resort explained that as of March 6, a new era will begin marked by “evolution, unlimited creativity and new technology, to achieve an unforgettable and increasingly immersive experience for visitors.”

To reach this historic milestone, Disneyland Paris will launch new shows such as ‘Mickey and the Magician’, ‘The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands’ or ‘Disney Junior Dream Factory’.

On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris, every day a new show will come to life several times a day in the central square in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. With three themes that celebrate the power of fun, passion and dreams, it will feature more than 30 Disney Characters and dancers, new floats and a new soundtrack.

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It will be an opportunity to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and their friends wearing their new “iridescent” costumes, created especially for this 30th Anniversary. Many other characters that have marked a milestone in the history of animation will also be added, such as the Genie from Aladdin, Princess Rapunzel or Jessie and Woodie from Toy Story, among others.

Since 1992, more than 30,000 costumes have been designed in the ‘ateliers’ of Disneyland Paris, one of the largest costume collections in Europe. To design the costumes for this 30th Anniversary, more than 2,000 lines of rhinestones have been sewn, more than 700 meters of fabric have been printed and more than 190 jewels have been necessary.

To celebrate the anniversary, Disneyland Paris has turned to British designer Stella McCartney to create Minnie’s first pantsuit. And as part of a global collaboration with The Walt Disney Company, McCartney will market a t-shirt for International Women’s Day.

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The park will offer at nightfall one of the favorite shows of visitors: Disney Illuminations. Called Disney D-Light, this new pre-show will combine video projections, water games, light effects, fog, famous Disney songs and a choreography with 200 drones.

It will be the first time a Disney Park has used drone technology as part of a daily outdoor show over its Castle. These synchronized drones will form a ’30’ that will shine in the sky just above Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, while the new piece of music created especially for the 30th Anniversary, “Un monde qui s’illumine”, will play in the background.

Disneyland Park will also be home to the new ‘Gardens of Wonder’, made up of ten different themed gardens. Installed across from Sleeping Beauty Castle, these gardens will include 30 new pieces of art, kinetic sculptures that “come to life” to celebrate nature and the diversity of famous Disney and Pixar characters.

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Disneyland Park will also be redecorated with the “iridescent” theme, in brilliant blue and purple hues. Lighting effects, neon lights and backlit kinetic sculptures will be used to decorate the main areas of Disneyland Park, such as the Gazebo or Main Street Station, as well as Disney Village.

For this very special anniversary, the park’s chefs have also developed new dishes, drinks and desserts that visitors can enjoy throughout the resort, where they can also purchase the more than 350 new exclusive items that have been designed for the occasion.

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The 30th Anniversary will also mark the long-awaited opening of the new ‘Avengers Campus’ themed land, as part of the comprehensive transformation of Walt Disney Studios Park.

Beginning in the summer of 2022, the Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe will invite guests to embark on an epic journey that will include heroic adventures and exciting quests, extending the immersive experience in the Marvel Universe that began with the opening of Disney’s Hotel New York. -The Art of Marvel in 2021.

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