DLP New Accessibility & Disability Programme

DLP Disability Access

Disneyland Paris New Accessibility & Disability Programme

As of December 3rd 2021, Disneyland Paris will be changing its accessibility and disability programme as part of a major overhaul of the historic system

The destination has chosen the International Day of Persons with Disabilities to launch this revolution. All visitors concerned will therefore have to apply all of the new guidelines presented below.

Conditions of the Disneyland Paris Accessibility and Disability Programme

The cardholder receives a 25% discount on the price of their ticket or Annual Pass. A companion is not compulsory to visit Disneyland Paris, although their presence is strongly recommended depending on the autonomy of the person concerned.

Accompanying persons are not entitled anymore to free admission. In exchange, they can also benefit from a 25% discount.

At attractions, up to 4 people can accompany the cardholder. It is important to note that the cardholder has to ride with its group.

People concerned by the Accessibility and Disability Programme
Priority access card

The priority access card is reserved solely for holders of the mobility inclusion card (official French card recognising disability) and war invalids. For foreign nationals from the European Union and the United Kingdom, Disneyland Paris has listed all the types of card for each country to set up an equivalence system. Only the official documents of each country will be valid for the issue of the card. For residents of countries outside the European Union and the United Kingdom, the situation will be studied on a case-by-case basis.

DLP Disability Card
Facilitated access card

The Facilitated Access Card is issued to people with a long-term illness (LTI). The presentation of a medical certificate, mentioning in French or English the number of the ALD, allows to benefit from a Facilitated Access Card in order to avoid queuing in the attractions, thanks to an appointment system based on the waiting time of the attraction. You can consult the list of the 30 recognised ALDs on the insurance website.

Prescriptions issued by the doctor are not valid.

Pregnant women

For pregnant women only, a grey priority access bracelet (Thumper) is issued.

Temporary problem

If you experience a temporary problem shortly before your stay, Disneyland Paris may be willing to postpone your stay to a later date. but basically you are not entitled to priority access. There may be exceptions on rare occasions, but this is not the norm.

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How to get your new card?

The cards are now digitised and include a photograph of the holder. They are also laminated.

It is possible to fill in the form on line before a visit in order to save time during the visit. It is still compulsory to go to City Hall to provide the official documents and to take the photo. The file can also be completed directly on site.

The file to be filled in includes 4 questions to determine your level of autonomy in order to give you a card with a coloured sticker corresponding to one of the 5 levels of autonomy that allow you to manage safety and evacuation issues.

1- Are you in a wheelchair?
2- Do you need support?
3- Can you get on and off a ride alone or not?
4- Is an evacuation possible by yourself or not?

The 5 levels of autonomy of the Disneyland Paris Accessibility and Disability Programme

Green: Autonomous, without mobility problems or assistance (e.g. mentally handicapped).
Purple: Independent but with reduced mobility (e.g. in a wheelchair but can get out).
Orange: Difficulty in evacuation and requires the assistance of a Cast Member.
Blue: Not autonomous. Mobility difficulties and needing the presence of the fire brigade for evacuation (example: wheelchair).
Grey: No autonomy. Non-transferable person. Very limited number of attractions. Presence of the fire brigade required.

DLP Disability
More inclusion : Magic for all

A specific guide for non-neurotypical children
A detailed guide (on the official Disneyland Paris website, on a dedicated application and in paper format) is aimed at people affected by the autism spectrum (ASD, ADD/ADHD, etc.). It presents the level of noise, light, darkness, etc. on each attraction, i.e. all sensory levels. It allows the feasibility of an attraction to be adapted to each person.

An audio description system for the visually impaired

The Audio Spot is a dedicated application for the visually impaired for attractions and restaurants. It is an audio description system. For example in It’s a small world, you will get the description of the scenes in French or English. This is also the case for the restaurants where you can get information such as the name, the type of food and the detailed menu in 9 different languages. Implementation between autumn 2021 and spring 2022.

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