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Welcome toDisney’s Blizzard Beach, a water theme park located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida near Orlando.

The park opened on April 1, 1995 and hosted approximately 2 million guests a year, ranking it the third-most visited water park in the world, behind its sister park, Typhoon Lagoon.

Blizzard Beach is open year-round, heated to approximately 80 °F or 27 °C, with the exception of the melting snow in the ice cave of Cross Country Creek, and hosts at its heart Mount Gushmore, an artificial hill with an elevation of 90 feet (27.4 m) .

The setting and atmosphere of the park are marked by a unique blending of tropical landscaping with simulated melting snow throughout and the architecture is a playful intersection of alpine lodges with Caribbean colors and accents.

Inside The Water Park


Every ski resort has a chairlift to ferry Guests up the mountain, and Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park is no exception! This slow-moving experience is an effortless way to access the entrance to many attractions.

Cross Country Creek
Grab an inner tube and paddle gently down the stream as you glide through mysterious caves and illuminated grottoes, under bridges and past a lush green forest. Bask in the refreshing spring water that’s made its way down Mount Gushmore—and look out for bubbling geysers, waterfalls and leaky pipes along the way.

Downhill Double Dipper
A retractable starting gate is all that stands between you and victory. Anticipation builds as you and your opponent wait on inner tubes at the top of twin enclosed waterslides. Suddenly, the gates retract—and you’re off!

Melt-Away Bay
Mount Gushmore’s waterfalls cascade into massive Melt-Away Bay, creating short waves perfect for leisurely floating, with just enough excitement. Swim out to the rocky outcrops and bask under a refreshing waterfall.

Runoff Rapids
Big kids, teens and adults can experience 3 times the thrills and spills as they careen 600 feet down the mountain. No matter their unique differences, all 3 high-speed slides come to a similar conclusion—a splash!

Ski Patrol Training Camp
Encounter tricky obstacles, waterslides and more that offer action and adventure for aspiring alpine athletes.

Slush Gusher
Slide straight to the bottom on this swiftly moving, snow-banked slide—and experience the thrill of the gushing waters. Zip over 2 rolling hills that give you an invigorating lift on the way down!

Snow Stormers
Bank through twists and turns as you fly past the flag markers of the slalom gates—like in a real downhill ski race!

Each of the 3 snow-capped flumes is 350 feet long, so you can race your friends to the big splashdown at the bottom.

Summit Plummet
Plunge 12 stories almost straight down, rocketing through a darkened tunnel and into a massive spray of whitewater after a 360-foot-long, high-speed descent.

Hardcore thrill-seekers won’t want to miss this slide so steep, you can’t see where you’re going—until you’re there!

Teamboat Springs
Get ready to be propelled through 1,200 feet of twists and turns on this super-long, super-wide waterslide. On this epic whitewater journey down the mountain, you’re at the mercy of gravity—and unpredictable rapids.

Tike’s Peak
Watch your little squirts splash out in wading pools featuring “melting” snow sculptures—or start a water fight at an igloo fortress with pop-up water jets.

Toboggan Racers
Grab your mat, take your mark and zip headfirst on your belly to the bottom of Mount Gushmore on a 250-foot-long “toboggan” race that features 3 exhilarating dips and hills.

Shopping & Dining

Arctic Expeditions
Keep on trekking ‘til you see this snowmobile bar near the Chairlift—then, sip on some sweet concoctions like our Rum Runner, Black Cherry Lemonade, Beso Del Sol Sangria and much more!

Don’t let your hunger slide. Get a grip with specialty hot dogs, salads, desserts, chips, draft beer and soft drinks.

Cooling Hut
Thaw out in the heat with a frozen treat that’s nice and sweet, like a Mickey’s Ice Cream Bar. Or, head off your hunger with something much warmer, including soft pretzels and popcorn. Beverages both hot and cold are also available.

Frostbite Freddy’s Frozen Freshments
Don’t get stranded without scrumptious treats and snacks! Make tracks for this snow-capped chalet and chill with an icy-fresh orange swirl, or fill up on loaded nachos—before washing it all down with a soft drink or alcoholic beverage!

I.C. Expeditions
In search of something sweet? Cool off with frozen treats that include sundaes, floats, bars, waffle cones and other frosty desserts at this ice cream stand in Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

Lottawatta Lodge
Get a lotta grub at this alpine chalet—Blizzard’s whitecap flatbread, specialty burgers with smoky ham jam, chicken rice bowls, chef salads and more—while chilling out with a Frozen Blue Raspberry Lemonade or a Piña CoLAVA. Afterward, satisfy your sweet tooth with a decadent chocolate-dipped Key lime pie. We also offer vegetarian and vegan meal options.

Mini Donuts
These mini treats are big on taste! Dip in by the dozen or half dozen with raspberry, chocolate or white chocolate sauce. Soft drinks, frozen lemonade, coffee, tea and hot chocolate are also available from this stand near Lottawatta Lodge.

Polar Pub
Get frosty at this full-service beach bar after making waves at Melt-Away Bay! Chill out with a cold one—including cocktails like the icy Piña CoLAVA or Blue Blizzard, along with bottled and draft brew-skis.

Warming Hut
All that fun put a fire in your belly? Give roaring appetites the big chill with hearty fare that includes a selection of sandwiches, Southwest chicken wraps or chilled shrimp salad. Add a cookie, waffle cone or a brownie sundae for dessert with a cold drink and you’re back in action!

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Welcome to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, a water theme park located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida near Orlando.

The park, which opened on June 1, 1989, is home to one of the world’s largest outdoor wave pools. The theme of the park is the “Disney legend” of a typhoon that wreaked havoc upon a formerly pristine tropical paradise.

Its centerpiece is “Miss Tilly,” a shrimp boat impaled upon a mountain named “Mount Mayday” that erupts a 50-foot (15 m) geyser of water every half hour, right before the bells of the watch sound on it. Its mascot is “Lagoona Gator.”

The park is open all year-round and admits approximately 2.2 Million visitors per year and is currently the second most visited water park in the world.

Inside The Water Park


Bay Slides
Children get to join the fun on these beginner waterslides, which are mini versions of the thrilling Storm Slides. Kids can get their feet wet on 2 slides that offer gently curving downhill slopes and, of course, a final splashdown!

Castaway Creek
Bob along through refreshing cool mists, shady grottoes, thundering waterfalls, overhead rope bridges and lush rainforest landscapes on your gentle journey through the cavernous tunnel carved into Mount Mayday.

Crush ‘n’ Gusher
Enter an abandoned fruit-processing plant and prepare for a thrilling “water coaster” ride down a 400-foot-long tube slide.

Find a partner and choose from 3 “fruit chutes”—the Pineapple Plunger, Coconut Crusher or Banana Blaster—or go bananas and crush it solo!

Gangplank Falls
Whoosh through rocky caverns, drenching waterfalls and under rustic wooden bridges on this 300-foot long waterslide—all while spinning and banking from side to side.

Keelhaul Falls
Feel the force of whitewater rapids as you rush along a course lined with boulders and palm trees. Whoosh through caverns and spin below waterfalls—before an exhilarating splashdown at the bottom.

Ketchakiddee Creek
Kids under 4 feet tall can frolic in shallow pools populated by whimsical crocodiles, squirting seals and playful elephants. Let them explore mini waterslides, splash in a cave with a waterfall and take aim with a water cannon aboard the leaky tugboat S.S. Squirt.

Mayday Falls
Big kids, teens and adults will enjoy the gritty thrills of this medium-wild ride that begins in the shadow of Miss Tilly, the shipwrecked shrimp boat atop Mount Mayday and the icon of Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park. Swerve through caves, under bridges and past thundering waterfalls—this one’s a rush!

Miss Adventure Falls
From your 4-person raft, feel a rush of excitement with family and friends as an aquatic conveyor belt chutes you into action. Then, hold on tight as you spy precious artifacts collected from all around the globe.

Storm Slides
No matter which you pick, you’re in for an aquatic adventure as you zip, twist and turn your way past rocky outcrops and lush greenery, through grottoes and down into an epic 3-story-high waterfall finale.

Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool
Wade into the warm water where gentle waves lap the white sandy beach. Swim out and listen for the thunderous “sonic boom” and the squeals of delighted swimmers as little ripples become big kahunas. Keep watch and feel the excitement build as a cresting wave heads your way—and get ready to paddle!

Shopping & Dining

Happy Landings Ice Cream
Drift by for root beer floats, sundaes and other treats at this hut tucked beside Castaway Creek. Or grab a “shovel” and dig in to a Sand Pail—2 kinds of soft-serve topped with waffle cone and cookie pieces, hot fudge, sprinkles and more!

Leaning Palms
Leaning toward a quick bite and a beer? Find all that and more here: burgers, chicken nuggets, pizza, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads and wraps! Plus, wet your whistle with an assortment of beverages, including a featured ale and wine.

Let’s Go Slurpin’
Shimmy over to this shack on the beach and loudly inhale surfside specials frozen or on the rocks, select beers or any drink from the full bar menu. Try the rum-based Miss Tilly or the strawberry margarita, made with Herradura Reposado Tequila.

Lowtide Lou’s
Drop into Lou’s when the tide is low and buoy your appetite with a selection of wraps and sandwiches, each served with chips. Or, just kick back and relax as you soak up some suds—including beer, wine and frozen cocktails. Open seasonally.

Snack Shack
After making waves in the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool, hang 10 over to this walk-up window for some on-the-go grub—like sandwiches, salads and more—or tasty sweets and ice cream treats. Adults can even chill out with a frozen alcoholic beverage!

Typhoon Tilly’s
Steer your crew toward this shipwreck-inspired eatery to find featured items like fried shrimp, fish baskets and chicken wraps. A perfect storm of dessert items, soft drinks, draft beer and wine are also available.

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Animal Kingdom Birds
Animal Kingdom Lands
Animal Kingdom Show
Welcome to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a zoological theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Bay Lake, Florida and is the worlds largest theme park, covering 580 acres (230 ha).

The park opened on Earth Day, April 22, 1998, and was the fourth theme park built at the Walt Disney World Resort. The park is dedicated and themed entirely around the natural environment and animal conservation, a philosophy once pioneered by Walt Disney himself.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is distinguished from the rest of Walt Disney World’s theme parks in that it features traditional attractions while also exhibiting hundreds of species of live animals.

The park is located on the western edge of the resort, and is isolated from the resort’s other theme parks and properties to minimize external disruptions to the animals; as a result, the park’s nighttime show also features no fireworks that would otherwise disturb the animals.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums and hosts an average of 13.8 million guestsa year, ranking it as the third-most-visited theme park in North America and the sixth-most-visited theme park in the world.

Unforgettable Happens Here

Inside The Park

Seven Different Lands

The Oasis is the park’s equivalent to Main Street U.S.A. and provides the transition from the park’s entrance to the world of animals. The main paths feature animal exhibits and dense vegetation and trees lead deeper into the park and then onto Discovery Island.

Between the parking lot and the Oasis sits a Rainforest Cafe, which can be entered from both inside and outside the ticketed area.

Discovery Island

Adventureland is divided into two areas, the Arabian Village and the Caribbean Plaza.

The 1930s adventurer/explorer vibe’d land is part jungle, part tropical island, and has a desert oasis thrown in for good measure; and as soon as you enter, you can tell your definitely in for an adventure or two!

Here you can fly on your own Aladdin’s carpet, walk through the treehouse home of the Swiss Family Robinson, cruise down the Nile, the Congo or the Amazon rivers, meet those famous Pirates of the Caribbean and be dazzled in the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Pandora – The World of Avatar

Pandora – The World of Avatar is themed to the fictional alien exoplanetary moon, Pandora, from James Cameron’s Avatar series. The land’s marquee attraction is Avatar Flight of Passage, a 3D flying simulator that allows guests to fly on a banshee across the Pandoran landscape.

Another attraction, the Na’vi River Journey, places guests aboard a boat ride through Pandora’s bioluminescent rainforests. The area opened on May 27, 2017.


Set in the fictional east African port village of Harambe, this area contains several animal exhibits. Some snippets from Africa that were duplicated by the Disney Imagineers are a fortress that was found in Zanzibar and a water-stained crumbling old building that was found in Kenya. Harambe includes a “hotel,” restaurants, an outdoor bar that has live entertainment, and different marketplaces.

On the western side of Africa is the Harambe Theater, which is home to the Festival of the Lion King, a stage attraction based on Disney’s 1994 film, The Lion King.

Rafiki's Planet Watch

Rafiki’s Planet connects guests to Africa where they can board the 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge Wildlife Express Train for the short trip to and from the area, which consists of three sub-areas.

Habitat Habit!, where they can see cotton-top tamarins and learn about the efforts to protect these endangered primates, Conservation Station where various conservation efforts are showcases including a veterinary examination room complete with a two-way communications system so the veterinary staff can answer guest questions, and the Affection Section which is a petting zoo featuring goats, sheep, and other domesticated animals.


Asia is set in the fictional kingdom of Anandapur (which means “Place of many delights” in Sanskrit). Anandapur evokes the traits of Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, and Thailand.

Portraits of Anandapur’s royal family (consisting of the maharaja and his wife) can be found in most of the businesses within the two villages, a map of the kingdom featuring both villages and their location relative to the mountains and river can be found on the wall of the Disney Vacation Club kiosk located there. Much like Harambe, Anandapur is now a center of animal research and tourism.

The main attractions of Asia is the Expedition Everest steel roller coaster ride through the Forbidden Mountain of the Himalayas and the Kali River Rapids, a river rapids ride along the Chakranadi River.

DinoLand U.S.A.

DinoLand U.S.A. is themed around dinosaurs and other extinct prehistoric life. The area is anchored by the Dino Institute, a fictitious palaeontological facility which is home to Dinosaur, a dark thrill ride loosely inspired by the 2000 Disney animated film of the same name.

The area features Primeval Whirl, a steel Wild Mouse spinning roller coaster, the TriceraTop Spin aerial carousel ride, carnival games and gift shops. At the eastern edge of DinoLand U.S.A. is the Theater in the Wild, which hosts Finding Nemo – The Musical.

Like the other sections of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there are animals on display. The animals, such as the American crocodile, red legged seriemas, Abdim’s stork and Asian brown tortoise, have evolutionary links to the age of the dinosaurs.

They are animal species that have survived since the dinosaur era and can be found along the Cretaceous Trail along with a collection of Mesozoic plants.

Dining & Merchandise
Themed Dining

Roam the road less traveled at Tiffins Restaurant, thanks to a globetrotting menu of artfully prepared fare fit for a weary traveler. Seafarers, fortune hunters and vagabonds will no doubt find new discoveries in the shrimp and grits served with Applewood smoked bacon and heirloom tomatoes.

Explore a world of distinctively delicious offerings and satisfy your taste for adventure at Nomad Lounge were all are invited to stake a claim in their own wanderlust over mouth-watering small plates and a large selection of beer, wine and mixed drinks.

Don your safari hat and bring a hippo-sized appetite as you go wild at the Rainforest Cafe with a feast in the middle of a tropical rainforest. Gather your party of explorers on a trek into the Amazon, where you’ll dine on American-style eats in the company of animated animals to the sounds of thunder claps and sudden rainstorms.

Join Safari Donald Duck and friends at Tusker House Restaurant, a colorful Harambe marketplace eatery for a wild Character Dining experience regardless of time of day—from breakfast and lunch to the family-style dinner buffet—all brimming with African flavor.

Discover exciting pan-Asian cuisine at at Yak & Yeti Restaurant, a quaint village home that’s been transformed into a restaurant. At the base of Expedition Everest sits Yak & Yeti Restaurant, a table-service eatery serving delicious dishes from various regions across Asia.

Casual Dining

Embark on culinary adventures at Pizzafari Family-Style Dining,filled with delizioso meal you can’t refuse!

Hungrier than a hippo? Each evening, Guests are sure to be wowed by a bounty of classic fare just like Nonna used to make. Simply check in at the podium, place your order and then take a seat. Our team of Pizzafari guides will serve a savory spread for the entire family to share.

Dig In at Restaurantosaurus Burgers & Sundaes, a fast-casual eatery for a dino-mite meal topped off with a build-your-own sundae bar!

Join us for some prehistoric fun as you dine on delicious dishes. Choose from 6 hand-crafted burgers, a chicken sandwich, veggie burger and salad. For a sweet ending to your meal, check out the build-your-own sundae bar!

Quick Service

When it comes to grabbing a bite to eat between those all important rides & attractions, Disney has you covered with 23 different quick service restaurants across the park offering choices from American, African, Asian, and Bakery style menus.

Mobile Ordering: Ordering Meals and Snacks on the go has never been so easy. Whether you’re waiting in line for your favorite roller coaster or standing in front of a tasty looking restaurant you’d like to try, the mobile ordering option at some of the quick service outlets make it quicker & easier for you to order, pay and pick up your food orders throughout the park and all you need is your smart phone and the My Disney Experience app.


Disney’s Animal Kingdom has over 30 specialty stores across its vast theme park, ranging from gifts, souvenirs & apparel to traditional collectibles and attraction merchandise. Whether your looking for a prehistoric toys or a unique safari keepsakes, they have it all and while some stores have a lot of similar items, there are loads that have unique memory making collections in to!

Rides & Attractions
Thrill Rides

Avatar Flight of Passage
Board your own mountain banshee and embark on a thrilling expedition, where interstellar explorers like you get an up-close look at this moon’s incredible landscape.

Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain
Careen through icy Himalayan peaks on a speeding coaster train while avoiding the clutches of the mythic Yeti.

Primeval Whirl – Operates Seasonally
Zip through a zany time machine and embark on a spinning dinosaur-themed coaster ride.

Dark Rides

Board a rugged Time Rover vehicle and set off on a thrilling adventure through a primeval forest filled with life-like dinosaurs.

It’s Tough to be a Bug!
Discover what it’s like to be a bug during this 3D film and live show inspired by the Disney and Pixar movie A Bug’s Life.

Boat & Water Rides

Kali River Rapids
Skim across an erupting geyser, drift below a canopy of lush vegetation and be whisked along fast-moving rapids. Graze gushing waterfalls and bedrock amid the raging current. Then, as the harmony of nature is disrupted, you’ll plummet down a dramatic 20-foot slope!

Safari Ride

Kilimanjaro Safaris
Explore the Harambe Wildlife Reserve, home to 34 species living in 110 acres of picturesque open plains, shady forest landscapes and rocky wetlands.

Your rugged safari vehicle is driven by an expert guide, who helps point out animals and shares fascinating wildlife facts during this extraordinary 18-minute expedition.

Family Rides

Na’vi River Journey
On this visually stunning and mysterious river, you’ll glide through a series of caves and into a bioluminescent rainforest alive with the sights and sounds of exotic plants and creatures on all sides—even overhead.

TriceraTop Spin
limb into a 4-person triceratops gondola and prepare for liftoff! Bob up and down, forward and back, as you sail through the air to festive music.

Wildlife Express Train
Board the Wildlife Express Train for a peaceful 7-minute, 1.2-mile journey to Rafiki’s Planet Watch, an area dedicated to the preservation and conservation of animals.

Animal Attraction

Affection Section
Come say moo to our domesticated goats, sheep, donkeys, cows and pigs at this expansive, outdoor animal enclosure. You can even pet and brush them!

Conservation Station
Explore a menagerie of furr-ific animal activities and experiences, including:

  • Veterinary Treatment Room
    Get a close-up look at the place we care for the animals—and even glimpse a procedure in progress.
  • Nutrition Center
    Watch experts prepare meals for the park residents.
  • Amphibian, Reptile and Invertebrate Windows
    Creep over to see some tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes and snakes.
  • Science Center
    Check out what our resident scientists are working on.

Discovery Island Trails
Meander down serene paths, cross wooden foot bridges and journey through cave-like tunnels on a self-guided trek below the great tree.

Habitat Habit!
The wilderness must be explored! After arriving on the Wildlife Express Train, you’ll trek through wild terrain on your way towards the Affection Section and Conservation Station. On your way, you’ll have opportunities to become an official Wilderness Explorer and earn badges.

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail
Encounter exotic animals as you trek through dense forests and sprawling savannas. Embark on a self-guided tour of the Pangani Forest and experience amazing creatures in their natural habitats—up-close and personal!

Maharajah Jungle Trek
Cross towering footbridges, roam around jungle bends, behold cascading waterfalls and stand in the shadow of a palace frozen in time. Hop into a chirping aviary where over 50 species of birds soar free.

Nighttime Spectaculars

Rivers of Light: We Are One
As the Sun Sets, a New World Glows – Eastern festival traditions merge with innovative technology to offer a dazzling nighttime pageant of lantern floats, grand theatrical imagery and a soaring musical score!

Enter a breathtaking world that remains hidden by day, but comes alive at night to tell the story of how mankind has been inspired by animals and all of the natural world.

With the enhanced Rivers of Light: We Are One, you’ll experience a new story about the milestones we all share in our journey through the great circle of life. It’s a tale told in powerful fashion—featuring the addition of even more dramatic Disneynature live-action footage and a tapestry of classic moments from animal-inspired Disney animated films, including The Lion King.

You’ll be captivated by a re-imagined soundtrack as the original musical score now is woven together with familiar Disney themes, carrying us through moments of discovery, fun, friendship, fear and love.

Family Friendly

Duration 17 Minutes
Live Shows

Donald’s Dino-Bash!
Located in DinoLand U.S.A.
Donald Duck just heard the news—some of his feathered ancestors were dinosaurs! To mark this inquackable discovery, he’s transformed this land into a celebration for the ages.

He’s also unearthed more old friends than Disney’s Animal Kingdom park has ever seen before—including Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto and Launchpad McQuack. You can even catch Chip ’n Dale—sporting some nutty dino-inspired costumes.

Festival of the Lion King
Located in Africa
As the lights dim, hear the sounds of the African savanna. A kinetic kaleidoscope of color floods the stage as colossal puppets, extravagantly costumed dancers, amazing acrobats, a daring fire dancer and incredible stilt walkers dazzle the senses.

During spectacular theatrics, you’ll relive all the classic songs from The Lion King, including “Hakuna Matata” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” The spectacular finale includes a soaring rendition of “Circle of Life.”

Finding Nemo – The Musical
Located in DinoLand U.S.A
Extraordinary live musical performances, delightful puppets, vibrant sets and wondrous underwater special effects immerse you in Nemo’s fin-tastic world. Join the overprotective clownfish Marlin and his forgetful friend Dory as they search for his son, Nemo.

The multiple Academy Award®-winning songwriting team behind Frozen and Coco, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, created 14 original songs just for this show—the first time a non-musical Disney animated feature has been transformed into an original musical production

UP! A Great Bird Adventure
Located in Asia
Join Wilderness Explorer Russell and his furry friend Dug on a flap-happy adventure sure to send spirits soaring. As Russell ventures out to earn his Bird Badge, he and Dug find themselves in the village of Anandapur where they meet the lively Troop Leader Jones, who teaches them about bird species from around the world.

Park Map

Animal Kingdom Map

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Word Showcase Spaceship Earth
Word Showcase China
Word Showcase Mission Space
Welcome to Disney’s EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) located in Orlando, Bay Lake, Florida USA.

Epcot is inspired by an unrealized vision developed by Walt Disney during the early development of Walt Disney World as an experimental planned community that would serve as a center for American innovation and urban living. After Disney’s death in 1966, this version of the “EPCOT” concept was abandoned.

On October 1, 1982, the ‘EPCOT Center’ opened as the second of four theme parks built at Walt Disney World resort. The new park maintained the idea of showcasing modern innovation and enterprise through avant-garde edutainment attractions, as well as the addition of a world nations exposition. The newly-designed park, featuring two sections, Future World and World Showcase.

In 1994, the park was renamed to Epcot (stylized as EPCOT) hosting an average of 13.4 million guests a year, ranking it as the fourth-most-visited theme park in North America and the seventh-most-visited theme park in the world.

The 21st Century Begins October 1, 1982

Inside The Park

Two Different Worlds
Future World

Future World consists of a variety of avant-garde pavilions that explore innovative aspects and applications including technology and science, with each pavilion featuring self-contained attractions and distinct architecture in its design.

Future World also serves as the park’s main entrance and features Spaceship Earth, a large geodesic sphere structure and the anchor pavilion, which also houses an eponymous dark ride attraction that depicts the history of communication.

Future World Pavilions;

Imagination! is themed to imagination and creativity and features two attractions; Journey into Imagination with Figment and the Disney-Pixar Short Film Festival.

The Land depicts human interaction with the Earth, focusing on agriculture, ecology, and travel. The pavilion contains Soarin’ Around the World, an attraction that simulates a hang gliding flight over various regions of the world; Living with the Land, a narrated boat tour through Audio-Animatronics scenes, a greenhouse and hydroponics lab; and Awesome Planet, a 4D film about the Earth’s biomes and the perils of climate change.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is based on ocean exploration inspired by Finding Nemo and features an Omnimover attraction, Turtle Talk with Crush, and an aquarium with animal exhibits.

Mission: Space, centered on space exploration, is a centrifugal motion simulator thrill ride that replicates a space flight experience to Mars and a low orbit tour over the surface of Earth.

Test Track is a thrill ride inspired by the rigorous automobile testing procedures that General Motors uses to evaluate concept cars.

The Odyssey Events Pavilion currently features a Walt Disney Imagineering preview exhibit detailing the forthcoming redesign plans for Epcot.

World Showcase

EPCOT’s World Showcase is a large area reminiscent of a permanent world’s fair which contains 11 pavilions, each themed and dedicated to represent a specific country around the globe. These pavilions surround the World Showcase Lagoon, a large man-made lake located in the center of the showcase with a perimeter of 1.2 miles (1.9 km).

The 11 pavilions are:

United Kingdom
United States

Most stores and restaurants at Epcot, especially in the World Showcase, serve and/or sell a variety of alcoholic beverages including specialty drinks, craft beers, wines, and spirits reflective of the respective countries.

The park also hosts the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, an annual event featuring food and drink samplings from all over the world, along with live entertainment and special exhibits.

Dining & Merchandise
Themed Dining

Le Cellier Steakhouse serves up sensational savor tender steaks sound, fresh seafood with cheesy poutine fries and other regional cuisine inspired by the provinces of Canada.

Under sweeping stone arches and flickering candle sconces, this sizzling steakhouse recalls the wine cellars of grand château-style hotels like Fairmont Le Château Frontenac and Fairmont Château Laurier.

Chefs de France will transport you to the heart of Paris through this charming café. With its high ceilings, intricate mosaic flooring and expansive windows looking out onto the promenade, this bright and airy restaurant features innovative French cuisine.

Celebrating fresh and simple ingredients, the menu changes seasonally but may include such delicacies as beef tenderloin, classic onion soup and roasted duck with cherries. Bon Appétit

Enjoy intimate dining and spectacular views of a living coral reef—and seasonal cuisine at the Coral Reef Restaurant where you can dive right in to ocean-fresh specialties from around the globe or feast on classic gourmet favorites.

Start off with a sumptuous appetizer like lobster bisque. Then, select from our seasonal menu, where entrées may include sautéed shrimp and grits or oven-roasted chicken breast. Small fries will love our kid-friendly fare featuring the grilled fish, grilled chicken or pasta with parmesan cream sauce.

Discover vibrant flavors from regions around Mexico at La Hacienda de San Angel, as you dine under colorful globe lamps and star lanterns.

Corn tortillas are house-made each day, and fresh salsas—ranging from sweet to spicy—are prepared with chipotle and serrano peppers, mangos and more.

Zesty appetizers include Queso Fundido, a dish of warmed cheese with poblano peppers and sausage. Share a meaty mixed grill with a parrillada for 2.

Delight in the culture and flavors of France that renowned chef Paul Bocuse has shared with the world for decades at restaurant Monsieur Paul.

Here, you’ll discover a focused wine list, inventive twists on traditional French dinner and breathtaking views of World Showcase. This is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or simply savor delectable cuisine in a serene setting.

Nine Dragons Restaurant is where you can take delight in Cantonese, Mongolian, Szechuan, Hunan and Kiangche-style specialties under the soft glow of Chinese lamps.

Greeted by a stunning glass etching of 2 dragons chasing a glowing pearl, diners can feast on such favorites as honey-sesame chicken, peppery shrimp and fried rice. Request a table by one of the windows for a sweeping view of the World Showcase Lagoon promenade.

Restaurant Marrakesh is a culinary Oasis where you can feast on such Moroccan delicacies as roast lamb, shish kebab, couscous and brochette of chicken.

Stained-glass chandeliers bathe diners in a warm, dim glow, all while intricate tile mosaics evoke timeless majesty. Select an à la carte favorite—or partake in a culinary adventure with a feast featuring hearty meats, Moroccan pastries and more. Children can also choose from kid-friendly fare like chicken tenders, pasta and hamburgers.

The Rose & Crown Dining Room is your typical family-friendly British pub features traditional favorites, waterfront dining and lively entertainment.

Delight in such specialties as fish and chips, bangers and mash, and more. In addition to British selections, the kids menu includes favorites like turkey meatballs and butter chicken.

Dine inside or outside on the patio overlooking World Showcase Lagoon. Just be sure to leave room for sticky toffee pudding!

San Angel Inn Restaurant takes you south of the Border to taste Mexican specialties served with Old World hospitality in this intimate, twilit setting.

Start out a romantic meal with zesty appetizers like tortilla soup topped with avocado, cheese and tortilla strips. Then, delight in steak, chicken and fish entrées served with such sauces as chipotle pepper, chocolaty mole and green tomatillo. And later, top off your meal with creamy Bavarian mousse, or cheesecake covered in caramel sauce!

Cozy up to Mediterranean-Inspired cuisine at Spice Road Table and drink in the unforgettable sights provided by this quaint locale’s scenic dining area.

At Spice Road Table, you’re invited to stop in on your adventure around the World Showcase Lagoon to savor Mediterranean small plates and specialty entrées—spicy garlic shrimp, fried calamari, beef and chicken skewers, and coriander-crusted rack of lamb, to name a few—while absorbing the décor inspired by outdoor cafés from the Moroccan seaside.

Delight your senses at the stunning at Takumi-Tei where you dine on brilliantly prepared dishes.

You’ll be seated in one of 5 rooms, each inspired by a natural element—water, wood, earth, stone or washi paper. Choose from our a la carte or multicourse tasting menus offering creatively prepared, Japanese-inspired dishes like braised wagyu beef, roasted duck, maki sushi and yuzu cheesecake.

Japanese dishes, artfully folded cloth napkins and gleaming wooden tabletops greet you at restaurant Teppan Edo gaurenting a feast for your Senses.

Celebrate authentic Japanese cuisine in the communal ritual of Teppan-yaki-style cooking, skillful chefs chop and stir-fry dishes on grills at your table.

Select from steak, chicken, seafood and vegetable entrées, which are served with Udon noodles and steamed rice. You can also enjoy such favorites as teriyaki chicken, assorted sushi rolls, tempura and edamame.

Enjoy traditional Japanese Cooking at restaurant Tokyo Dining where you’ll be transported into a true cultural experience through the harmony of traditional Japanese food and hospitality.

Dine on grilled steaks, fresh fish, a variety of unique items and popular Bento Box presentations—perfect for both the traditionalist and those who like new and exciting tastes.

Relax in Old World ambience at Tutto Italia Ristorante
and enjoy authentic italian cooking including chicken, fish, handmade pasta, lasagna and more.

On the outside patio or in the airy dining room amid murals of ancient Rome and sparkling chandeliers, relish the rich, textured flavors of authentic Italian dishes from a menu created by award-winning chef and California restaurateur Joachim Splichal.

Discover authentic Italian cooking, including hearty pastas, fresh salads and pizzas perfected in wood-burning ovens at Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

Start your meal with fried risotto balls, vegetable soup or prosciutto e melone. Then delight in lasagna napoletana, chicken parmigiana and wood-fired pizzas.

After dinner, treat yourself to Italian coffee—as well as tiramisu and chocolate gelato.

Space 220 – Coming Soon!

Dine among the stars when you step inside Space 220—a celestial panorama of a space station—for a delicious meal! As you dine, peer out and enjoy amazing daytime and nighttime views of Earth from 220 miles up.

To begin your journey, board a special space elevator that will ascend to the stars! Along the way, viewports will give you an aerial view of Epcot as you travel high above the planet.

Upon your arrival, you will dine from a menu featuring modern American cuisine, more than 1,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines and a wide selection of craft beer.

Family Dining

Her Highness the Queen is holding a feast at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in honor of the world’s best-loved Storybook Princesses—and you’re invited! Dine in a medieval castle as Disney Princesses and Friends mingle with Guests to give autographs and pose for pictures.

Start the day with American breakfast favorites served family-style, and enjoy Norwegian-inspired fare for lunch and dinner.

At lunch and dinner, every Guest’s royal feast begins with a “Taste of Norway”—featuring the finest Scandinavian seafood, imported cheeses, cured and sliced meats, and a vast selection of salads and fruits. Then, take your pick from a rotating menu of hot entrées, including grilled fillet of salmon, oven-roasted chicken breast and a Norwegian meatball dish called Kjøttkake.

Be transported to a traditional Bavarian village at the Biergarten Restaurant as you feast on German fare to the oompah beat of a lively band.

At communal, biergarten-style tables, enjoy such rotating buffet selections as bratwurst, rotisserie chicken, pork schnitzel and a variety of salads. Save room for Bavarian cheesecake and hand-pulled apple strudel, made fresh daily!

Polka on down to the dance floor, or simply relax in the twilit atmosphere and raise a stein to over 200 years of Oktoberfest celebrations. Guests 21 years of age and up can enjoy a slew of German beers and wines.

At Garden Grill Restaurant, Guests of all ages are invited to imbibe visuals from Living with the Land—such scenes as a rainforest, farmhouse, thunderstorm, sandstorm and prairie—while indulging in an all-you-care-to-enjoy, family-style meal.

Hungry for a little mealtime magic? Bring your camera and autograph books to capture an enchanted dining experience as Chip, Dale and other popular Disney pals stop by to say hi—and don’t forget your appetites! Palates of all ages are sure to love our farm-fresh picks, like fluffy scrambled eggs and seasonal fruit for breakfast.

For lunch or dinner, choose from a smorgasbord of savory, allergy-friendly starters and entrees. Delectable menu highlights include a harvest-inspired garden salad, grilled beef with chimichurri and all-natural sliced turkey with gravy. Best of all, many of the veggies are grown in our own Living with the Land greenhouses!

Quick Service

When it comes to grabbing a bite to eat between those all important rides & attractions, Epcot has you covered with 26 different quick service restaurants across the park offering choices from American, French, Italian, Mexican,Chinese, German, Moroccan and Bakery style menus.

Mobile Ordering: Ordering Meals and Snacks on the go has never been so easy. Whether you’re waiting in line for your favorite attraction or standing in front of a tasty looking restaurant you’d like to try, the mobile ordering option at some of the quick service outlets make it quicker & easier for you to order, pay and pick up your food orders throughout the park and all you need is your smart phone and the My Disney Experience app.


Epcot has over 53 specialty stores across its vast theme park, ranging from gifts, souvenirs & apparel to traditional collectibles and attraction merchandise. Whether your looking for that collectible piece of Disney art work or a souvenir from one of the showcase’s pavilions, they have it all and while some stores have a lot of similar items, there are loads that have unique memory making collections in to!

Rides & Attractions
Thrill Rides

Test Track – Presented by Chevrolet®
Cruise over to the gleaming Chevrolet Design Center to create your own virtual concept car. When you’re done, buckle up in a 6-passenger “SIM Car” and take it for an exhilarating spin on the test track.

Reach speeds of up to 65 miles per hour as you put your car through its paces. After each test, check the scoreboard to see how your vehicle performed!

Soarin’ Around the World
Feel the thrill as you’re raised high in the air and swept from one scenic locale to the next. See the world’s wonders—natural and manmade—like you never have before. No mountain is too high. No landscape is too far.

The 180-degree, 80-foot IMAX digital projection dome, spectacular aerial footage, pleasant scents and graceful motion raise the soothing sensation of flight to incredible new heights.

Dark Rides

Frozen Ever After
Voyage to Arendelle aboard an ancient Nordic vessel as you take a musical tour of the wintery world of Frozen.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment
Figment the playful dragon is your guide on this delightful ride through the sensory labs of Imagination Institute.

Mission: SPACE
Blast off on a thrilling simulated NASA-style mission to Mars—or orbit the Earth on a more gentle ride through space.

Spaceship Earth
Travel through time and explore the remarkable history of human communication from the Stone Age to the computer age.

Family Rides

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros
Take in the sights of Mexico and the antics of 3 feathered amigos on this gentle boat ride through the Mexico Pavilion.

Living with the Land Presented by Chiquita®
Cruise past greenhouses on a gentle boat tour and discover the surprising history of farming.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends
Attraction located in Future World at Epcot
Go under the sea—without getting wet—on this gentle ride based on Disney and Pixar’s Finding Nemo, which finds Nemo lost again.

Shows & Parades
Nighttime Spectaculars

Epcot Forever
World Showcase Lake

Celebrate the past, present and future of Epcot through this dazzling fireworks and special-effects spectacular.

Witness the wonder as the story of Epcot and its next incredible chapter come to life in this new nighttime spectacular. Behold the single “spark of imagination” that started it all. Watch it grow, evolve and transform into an epic nighttime extravaganza that stirs the senses and captures all you love about Epcot—and all that’s to come—with dazzling fireworks, stunning laser effects and choreographed kites set to tunes that have become theme park favorites.

Family Friendly

JAMMitors in Future World West
This rhythmic clean-up crew breaks it down as they drum up fun with some unlikely instruments!

Jeweled Dragon Acrobats
Witness an acrobatic troupe from China perform incredible feats of strength, agility and balance.

Music of Mexico
Sway to exuberant mariachi music as you catch a performance by this spirited band.

Laugh along with master juggler and mime Sergio as he delights you with his lighthearted, Old-World act.

Serveur Amusant™
These French acrobats enthrall audiences with their astonishing acts of balance and coordination. C’est magnifique!

Live Entertainment

British Revolution
Bang your head to the best of classic British rock as this 4-piece band plays everything from psychedelic to punk.

Entertainment at Canada Mill Stage
Discover fantastic live entertainment at the Canada Pavilion, featuring renowned Canadian bands.

Experience the thundering sound of Taiko, an ancient form of Japanese drumming.

Rose & Crown Pub Musician
Pop inside this boisterous British pub for some jolly evening entertainment performed live by our resident songsmith.

Annual Events

The Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, inaugurated in 1994, uses specially-themed floral displays throughout the park, including topiary sculptures of Disney characters. Guests can meet gardening experts and learn new ideas they can use in their own home gardens. The 18th annual event was scheduled for March 2 – May 15. Each event takes more than a full year to plan and more than 20,000 cast member hours.

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, inaugurated in 1995, draws amateur and professional gourmets to sample delicacies from all around the world, including nations that do not have a permanent presence in World Showcase. Celebrity chefs are often on-hand to host the events. In 2008, the festival featured the Bocuse d’Or USA, the American semifinal of the biennial Bocuse d’Or cooking competition.

The Epcot International Festival of the Arts inaugurated in 2017, is a festival showcasing visual, culinary, and performing arts. The first annual event took place on weekends from January 13 through February 20, 2017.The 3rd annual Epcot International Festival of the Arts took place January 18 – February 25, 2019.

The Epcot International Festival of the Holidays is Epcot’s annual holiday celebration. The World Showcase pavilions feature storytellers describing their nation’s holiday traditions, and three nightly performances of the “Candlelight Processional” featuring an auditioned mass choir and a celebrity guest narrating the story of Christmas. During the festival, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth features a special extended ending.

On New Year’s Eve, the park offers a variety of additional entertainment including live DJ dance areas throughout the park and a special New Year’s Eve countdown edition of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

Park Map

Epcot Map

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Hollywood Studios Slinky Dog Dash
Hollywood Studios Star Wars
Hollywood Studios Tower Of Terrror
Welcome to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park located in Orlando, Bay Lake, Florida USA.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened on May 1, 1989, as the Disney-MGM Studios (Theme) Park, and was the third of four theme parks built at Walt Disney World. The park is dedicated to the imagined worlds from film, television, music, and theatre, drawing inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios was initially developed as both a theme park and an operating production studio, with active film and television production services, an animation facility branch, and a functioning backlot.

The park’s current name took effect in 2008, with the removal of the MGM-branding throughout the park. In the 2010s, the park began to distance itself from the original studio backlot intention and entered a new direction of immersive theming and attraction development inspired by Hollywood stories.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios hosts on average 11.258 million guests per year, ranking it the fifth most-visited theme park in North America and the ninth most-visited theme park in the world.

Let Your Adventure Begin

Inside The Park

Seven Different Lands
Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard, inspired by the real street of the same name, serves as the park’s main entrance with streetscape facades and venues selling Disney merchandise and park services.

Near the park’s gate is a recreation of the Crossroads of the World tower where live street entertainment and seasonal parades take place down the main street throughout the day. At the far end of Hollywood Boulevard stands an exact replica of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, which houses Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Near the entrance of Animation Courtyard—resides The Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant, a themed replica of the original Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood, California.

Echo Lake

Echo Lake is designed to mimic the suburban “California Crazy” form of architecture from Hollywood’s Golden Age and is anchored around the area’s namesake lake.

Echo Lake includes three major attractions based on characters and films created by George Lucas and produced by Lucasfilm. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, The Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple and the live-action Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

In this land you’ll also find The Hyperion Theater which houses For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration and also the ABC Commissary and the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant.

Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue is themed as a gentrified historic district inspired by the real location of the same name in downtown Los Angeles. The area is anchored by Muppet*Vision 3D and leads into a recreation of a Figueroa Street Tunnel which connects to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The area’s namesake street facades were formerly the park’s working backlot set, which was originally a component of the park’s inaugural Studio Backlot Tour, and opened to pedestrian park traffic in the mid-1990s; this area closed on April 2, 2016. The Muppet-themed areas and a single remaining block of the Streets of America facades were reincorporated into Muppets Courtyard, which served as a placeholder designation until Grand Avenue was completed in September 2017.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set within the Star Wars universe, at the Black Spire Outpost village on the remote frontier planet of Batuu.

Attractions include Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, a dark ride that places guests in a climactic battle between the First Order and the Resistance; and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, a flying simulator attraction that allows guests to pilot the Millennium Falcon through a customized secret mission on behalf of Hondo Ohnaka and Chewbacca.

Restaurants and shops include Oga’s Cantina, Savi’s Workshop, and the Droid Depot. The land opened in 2019, replacing the park’s Streets of America section. The 14-acre (5.7 ha) area cost an estimated $1 billion.

Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land is inspired by Pixar’s Toy Story series and includes attractions such as Toy Story Mania!, Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers.

Toy Story Mania! was originally a standalone attraction within Pixar Place, an area dedicated to films and characters created by Pixar, resembling the animation studio’s Emeryville, California campus. Pixar Place was also the home of Luxo Jr., a six-foot-tall audio-animatronic version of Pixar’s desk-lamp mascot. The moving character performed periodic shows throughout the day and evening across from Toy Story Midway Mania.

Animation Courtyard

Animation Courtyard is home to attractions based on films and characters created by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Its entrance is marked by a square “studio arch”.

The former Magic of Disney Animation building hosts Star Wars Launch Bay, a Star Wars exhibit featuring behind-the-scenes props and character meet-and-greets with Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and BB-8.

Mickey Avenue, a subsection of Animation Courtyard, is home to a walk-through exhibit, Walt Disney Presents, which explores the life and legacy of Walt Disney through photos, models, artifacts, and a short biographical film narrated by Julie Andrews.

Sunset Boulevard

The focal point of Sunset Boulevard is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, and two outdoor amphitheaters, and one indoor theater.

The covered Theater of the Stars hosts Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage, the larger open-air Hollywood Hills Amphitheater is the home of Fantasmic!, and the completely indoor Sunset Showcase hosts Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy.

Dining & Merchandise
Table Service

Dine in an authentic replica of The Hollywood Brown Derby, a Tinseltown landmark steeped in glamour and glitz. The walls are adorned with caricatures of famous faces—a tradition that began with the original restaurant—and the upscale atmosphere harkens back to the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Signature Dishes
Savor such specialties as our cioppino, char-grilled filet of beef and our famous Cobb salad that follows the recipe created by Bob Cobb, owner of the historic California Brown Derby.

50’s Prime Time Café is the classic American comfort food,’50s kitsch and good old-fashioned family gathering that takes you back to a bygone era.

It’s a blast from the past when you walk into this all-American eatery themed like Mom’s kitchen.

Bring your appetite and your sense of humor, because Mom and the extended family aren’t above giving you lessons in table etiquette—and doling out punishment to misbehaving boys and girls

Don’t miss your chance to eat, play and laugh at Hollywood & Vine along with a few of your favorite Disney Junior friends during this fun and interactive dining experience.

The breakfast buffet features such favorites as Mickey waffles, made-to-order omelets, pastries and fresh fruit. Be sure to save room for a treat from the ice cream sundae station!

Enter the Hollywood-style soundstage restaurant Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater were a classic car hop guides you to your very own automo-booth or table. Kitschy vintage memorabilia, the illuminated tail lights of your fellow drive-in diners and a sky full of twinkling stars set the mood as you place your order.

Attack of the 50-Foot Burger!
Whet your appetite with mouthwatering meal teasers that include a sci-fi appetizer sampler that’s out of this world! For the main presentation, entrée highlights include a variety of burgers, pasta, steak and delicious sandwiches, like oven-roasted turkey.

Casual Dining

Welcome to Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano. Checked curtains, overhead string lights, hanging foodstuffs, and walls crowded with Mama’s eclectic mementos transform this former backlot warehouse into a cozy and inviting dining space. The same scrumptious menu is served for lunch and dinner.

Start with one of Mama’s appealing appetizers—like crispy calamari—before moving onto an assortment of signature flatbreads, fresh from the oven.

Then, select from a host of enticing entrees that include authentic pastas, savory chicken and seafood preparations, or even the charred strip steak.

For dessert, enjoy a taste of la dolce vita with Mama’s tiramisù or Ghirardelli chocolate and cherry tort.

Quick Service

When it comes to grabbing a bite to eat between those all important rides & attractions, Disney has you covered with 17 different quick service restaurants across the park offering choices from American, Italian and Bakery style menus.

Mobile Ordering: Ordering Meals and Snacks on the go has never been so easy. Whether you’re waiting in line for your favorite roller coaster or standing in front of a tasty looking restaurant you’d like to try, the mobile ordering option at some of the quick service outlets make it quicker & easier for you to order, pay and pick up your food orders throughout the park and all you need is your smart phone and the My Disney Experience app.


Disney Hollywood Studios has over 30 specialty stores across its vast theme park, ranging from gifts, souvenirs & apparel to traditional collectibles and attraction merchandise. Whether your looking for that authentic Beverly Hills look or building your own Star Wars Droid, they have it all and while some stores have a lot of similar items, there are loads that have unique memory making collections in to!

Rides & Attractions
Thrill Rides

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
Race along the darkened freeways of Los Angeles in a super-stretch limo to the rockin’ tunes of Aerosmith.

Slinky Dog Dash
Take off on a family-friendly coaster that twists and turns past giant toys and springs across Andy’s oversized backyard!

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue
Make the jump to hyperspace on a thrilling 3D space flight simulator to legendary destinations from the Star Wars saga.

Dark Rides

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run
The engines rumble as the Millennium Falcon blasts off, pushing you and your crew back into your seats when you jump into hyperspace towards adventure. Along the way you’ll face danger at every turn.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
A massive new attraction with multiple ride systems that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced at Walt Disney World Resort… or anywhere else in the galaxy!

Join the Resistance in an epic battle against the First Order on this exciting new ride—New!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™
Step uneasily inside the infamous Hollywood Tower Hotel and find a dusty lobby frozen in time. Even the subdued hotel staff seems strangely out of another era. Hurtle up and down aboard a haunted elevator-style lift. You’re about to enter… The Twilight Zone!

Family Rides

Alien Swirling Saucers
The cutest extraterrestrials in the galaxy have landed, and they’re taking you for a ride. Power up the saucers for an interstellar romp through space, while futuristic tunes set the mood.

Space cadets of all ages may enjoy this gentle whirl through the sky above Toy Story Land.

Toy Story Mania!
Step inside Andy’s room and make your way through a toy chest full of classic games before picking up a pair of special 3D glasses. Then, board a carnival-inspired tram and use your spring-action shooter to take your best shot at an array of moving targets.

Shows & Parades
Nighttime Spectaculars

Fantasmic! Presented by Pop Secret®

Featuring more than 50 live performers, massive sets, stunning effects, dazzling pyrotechnics and rousing music, this larger-than-life show is painted on a grand canvas of dancing water and light like nothing you’ve ever seen. Overflowing with silly and suspenseful surprises, it will leave your entire family smiling from ear-to-ear!Be there as the forces of good and evil battle it out in Mickey’s dream during this extravagant open-air nighttime musical.

Family Friendly

Duration 30 Minutes

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular

As John Williams’ majestic theme fills the air, feel the Force of beloved Star Wars characters, iconic starships and a heroic finale. You’ll be right in the middle of the action during this immersive light show.

State-of-the-art projection effects, dynamic lighting, lasers and pyrotechnics put you right inside scenes from the Star Wars saga—including a new action sequence from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

What better way to celebrate Star Wars than with a show written on the stars!

Family Friendly

Duration 14 Minutes
Live Entertainment

Disney Junior Dance Party! – Presented by Pull-Ups®

Join Doc McStuffins, Vampirina, Timon and Mickey and get into your groove on the dance floor as DJ Deejay gets the celebration started—playing songs you know from the shows you love. Host Finn Fiesta welcomes Disney Junior pals to this star-studded event, and you get to say hello by “spinning” them in: ready, set, twirl!

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

Watch as thrilling moments from the movie play on-screen, then cheer as Anna, Elsa and Kristoff appear to sing along with the audience! Projected lyrics make it easy to belt out irresistible show-stoppers like “Let It Go.”

Green Army Drum Corps

Entertainment located in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Throughout the day, be on the lookout for the Green Army Drum Corps in Toy Story Land! This talented band of drummers is sure to entertain Guests of all ages with their high-energy performances and awe-inspiring drum sequences.


Meet the Incredibles at Pixar Place

Embrace your inner Super Hero and search for clues leading to a multipowered Super nearby. By following the footprints, laser scars and cookie crumbs, you might just find Jack-Jack, the youngest member of the Parr family.

Meet Edna Mode at the Edna Mode Experience

Visit Edna Mode’s Super-Suit Gallery to see some of the famous designer’s greatest creations then visit with the designer herself! Be sure to bring your cameras but remember- NO capes daaarling!

Citizens of Hollywood

Straight from the Golden Age of Hollywood, these entertainers are ready for their close-up, but they’re never gonna make the big-time without a little assistance from the audience. Hey, that’s you!

Stage Shows

Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage

Relive the romance and magic of a tale as old as time in a lavish Broadway-style musical version of Beauty and the Beast.

The heartwarming tale of Belle and the Beast swirls to life in this lush stage performance. With colorful costumes, gorgeous scenery and the songs you’ve come to love, this sumptuous show will sweep you away—all over again!

Indiana Jones™ Epic Stunt Spectacular!

Watch live as the daring duo dodges deadly traps, battles bad guys, leaps from tall buildings and makes thrilling escapes straight out of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The edge-of-your-seat suspense ends with a dynamite finale!

Along the way, get an inside look at how stunts are done with demonstrations that reveal how to safely throw and take punches, fall from tall buildings, and even wield whips in the midst of complex action sequences.

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

Driven into hiding by the Empire, the Jedi now train in remote hidden temples. The last Jedi Knights have assembled Force-sensitive children from throughout the galaxy. These fearless young recruits will learn how to wield lightsabers—and feel the Force.

When they come face-to-face with menacing Star Wars villains, the Padawans must use their new skills in the ultimate battle of good and evil!

Park Map

Hollywood Studios Map 2020

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Welcome to Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park located in Orlando, Bay Lake, Florida USA.

This world famous theme park opened its doors on October 1st, 1971, as the first of the four parks that The Walt Disney Company, through its Parks, Experiences and Products division, would bring to the Orlando resort.

Its layout and attractions are based on the original concepts as seen at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, and is dedicated to those familiar fairy tales, lovable Disney characters and a sprinkle of magic pixie dust.

The park consists of six themed lands each presenting its own unique rides & attractions, dining options, shopping locations and so much more, and at its center the Cinderella Castle, inspired by the 1950’s fairy tale film of the same name invites an average of 20.9 million visitors each year to enjoy “The Most Magical Place on Earth”.

As of 2019, Walt Disney World is the most visited theme park in the world and has held that lofty title for thirteenth consecutive. It also the record for the most visited theme park in North America for the past nineteen years.

“The Most Magical Place on Earth”

Inside The Park

Six Different Lands
Main Street USA

As you leave your 21 century life behind, you emerge from the tunnel under the Walt Disney World Railroad in a turn-of-the-century American town square, inspired by Walt’s childhood hometown of Marceline, Missouri.

Here you can enjoy shopping at the Emporium, have your hair cut in the authentic barber’s shop, make a visit to City Hall for guest information and assistance, sit down to a meal at Tony’s Town Square restaurant or grab a bite of traditional American ball park fare from Casey’s Corner.

But lets not miss out on the most important reason for Main Street U.S.A …its the gateway to Cinderella Castle and the lands beyond where dreams are made.


Adventureland is divided into two areas, the Arabian Village and the Caribbean Plaza.

The 1930s adventurer/explorer vibe’d land is part jungle, part tropical island, and has a desert oasis thrown in for good measure; and as soon as you enter, you can tell your definitely in for an adventure or two!

Here you can fly on your own Aladdin’s carpet, walk through the treehouse home of the Swiss Family Robinson, cruise down the Nile, the Congo or the Amazon rivers, meet those famous Pirates of the Caribbean and be dazzled in the Enchanted Tiki Room.


Welcome to the American Old West of the 19th century, home to cowboys and pioneers, saloons, red rock buttes and gold rushes.

Here you can step right into the old-time Wild West, complete with wooden sidewalks, rustic log cabins, honky-tonk saloon bars, shootin’ galleries and dance halls!

Frontierland is where you’ll find some of Magic Kingdom’s most popular rides, like Splash Mountain and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


This sci-fi inspired, galactic land is a constantly-evolving Disney vision of the future, inhabited by robots, aliens and humans and is home to the world famous Space Mountain ride.

A galactic spaceport, envisioned by the science-fiction comic strips of the early 20th century, like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, featuring iconic rides like the carousel of progress & Astro Orbiters and family attractions like Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin and Stiches Great Escape.


By Far the most popular land in the Magic Kingdom is Fantasyland.

It’s the home to Cinderella’s Castle, the castle courtyard, storybook circus and the enchanted forest, each full of fairy tale charm making it a particularly favorite land with young children where they can ride Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, Splash ‘N’ Soak at Casey Jr, Station and have a spinning time on the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Its a magical land for kids and adults alike where you can go Under the Sea on a Journey with the Little Mermaid, have a swaying time on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, take a flight with Peter Pan and discover that ‘it’s a small world after all’

Liberty Square

Liberty Square is an exclusive to the Magic Kingdom were you can visit Colonial America circa 1776

You can explore the replicas of both the Liberty Bell and Liberty Tree – an immense 135 year-old oak tree decorated with 13 lanterns to symbolise the first 13 U.S.A colonies – and ride one of the most popular attractions in the Magic Kingdom, the Haunted Mansion.

If you love your history, the square presides over the Hall of Presidents, a show featuring an audio-animatronic figure of every President of the United States.

Liberty Square waterfront is where you can board the Liberty Belle Riverboat and steam your way around the Rivers of America.

Dining & Merchandise
Table Service

If your looking to indulge in a fine dining option that also offers the magic of a character meet & greet than why not book a seating at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Located in Fantasyland, this is where you can dine alongside your favorite Disney Princesses right inside the heart of Cinderella Castle all the while experiencing the finest in American table served cuisine.Some dining plans are accepted at this restaurant and its advised that you check if your plan is included when making your vacation booking.

How would you like to dine with some favorite friends from the Hundred-Acre Wood ?
Well at the whimsical, Crystal Palace all-you-care-to-enjoy buffet restaurant on Main Street, U.S.A. you can enjoy a family style American meal with Winnie the Pooh and a few of his Pals for a willy, nilly, silly old time. Some dining plans are accepted at this restaurant and its advised that you check if your plan is included when making your vacation booking.
Casual Dining

If you are looking for some great table service restaurants with a more casual dining feel, then Walt Disney World has three tasty places to visit. First off is the family buffet restaurant, Liberty Tree Tavern, located in Liberty Square. This restaurant pay’s tribute to the founding fathers of the great USA in a colonial-style inn serving traditional New England-inspired foods.

Next up on our casual dining trio list is the The Plaza Restaurant located at the deliciously charming end of Main Street, U.S.A. Here you can discover a casual & family-friendly dining atmosphere in a turn-of-the-century table service setting, featuring an all round classic american menu.

And lastly, but by no means least, is Tony’s Town Square Restaurant on Main Street, U.S.A. and lets face it everyone loves Italian and this romantic restaurant though has a history all of its own, as in true Disney style, this is where Lady and the Tramp had their first kiss.

Some dining plans are accepted at these restaurants and its advised that you check if your plan is included when making your vacation booking.

Quick Service

When it comes to grabbing a bite to eat between those all important rides & attractions, Disney has you covered with 23 different quick service restaurants across the park offering choices from American, French, Mexican and Bakery style menus.

Mobile Ordering: Ordering Meals and Snacks on the go has never been so easy. Whether you’re waiting in line for your favorite roller coaster or standing in front of a tasty looking restaurant you’d like to try, the mobile ordering option at some of the quick service outlets make it quicker & easier for you to order, pay and pick up your food orders throughout the park and all you need is your smart phone and the My Disney Experience app.


Walt Disney World has over 32 specialty stores across its vast theme park, ranging from gifts, souvenirs & apparel to traditional collectibles and attraction merchandise. Whether your looking for a pair of Mickey-themed ears or a luxury Disney designer handbag, they have it all and while some stores have a lot of similar items, there are loads that have unique memory making collections in to!

Rides & Attractions
Thrill Rides

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Race through a haunted gold mine aboard a speeding train on this thrilling coaster-style ride. Suitable for Kids 

Splash Mountain
Drop into a whimsical world filled with classic characters and songs on this thrilling log-flume adventure.

Space Mountain
Blast off on a rip-roaring rocket into the furthest reaches of outer space on this roller-coaster ride in the dark.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Race through the diamond mine from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on a swaying family coaster ride.

Dark Rides

Haunted Mansion
Climb aboard a gloomy Doom Buggy for a grave journey through a labyrinth of haunted chambers.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
Fire your laser to earn points and defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg as you journey through a galactic space battle.

Peter Pan’s Flight
Embark on a high-flying adventure over iconic scenes made famous in Disney’s animated film.

Stitch’s Great Escape! – Temporarily Closed
Prepare for total pandemonium during a multi-sensory adventure starring the adorable alien from outer space.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Travel through Hundred-Acre Wood in an oversized Hunny Pot and get lost in the pages of A.A. Milne’s classic tales.

Boat & Water Rides

Pirates of the Caribbean
Set sail on a swashbuckling voyage to a long-forgotten time and place when pirates and privateers ruled the seas.

Liberty Square Riverboat
Cruise the scenic Rivers of America aboard an authentic steam-powered paddle wheeler.

Jungle Cruise
Chart a course for high adventure on a scenic and comedic boat tour of exotic rivers across Asia, Africa and South America.

“it’s a small world”
Embark on a whimsical boat ride past a jubilant chorus of children from around the globe.

Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station
Cool off at a whimsical water play area inspired by the circus train from Walt Disney’s Dumbo.

Classic Rides

Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki
Tropical birds, Tiki gods and colorful flowers come to life in a swinging South Seas musical extravaganza.

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress
Travel through the 20th century and marvel at the evolution of technology during this classic Audio-Animatronics show.

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
Ride atop a regal steed and gallop through a whirling backdrop of wondrous color and whimsical music.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Soar high in the sky—and see an elephant fly—on a whimsical flight aboard Dumbo.

Family Rides

Walt Disney World Railroad
Hop on the train to Main Street, U.S.A. or go all the way around Magic Kingdom park.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
Embark on a 10-minute tour of Tomorrowland aboard this mass transit system of the future.

Astro Orbiter
Pilot a spaceship high in the sky amid a gleaming constellation of planets.

The Barnstormer
Take flight above Storybook Circus with Goofy in a homemade stunt airplane for a thrilling junior roller coaster ride.

Tomorrowland Speedway
Put the pedal to the metal in your very own hotrod and cruise along a scenic miniature motorway.

Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid
Board a clamshell and become part of Ariel’s world on a musical adventure awash with scenes from the animated classic.

Attraction Shows

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor
Participate in a hilarious, gag-tastic interactive comedy show—starring Monsters, Inc. and company!

Mickey’s PhilharMagic
Disney magic meets Disney music in this spectacular 12-minute, 3D fantasy adventure starring Donald Duck.

The Hall of Presidents
Behold all 44 Presidents of the United States in a stirring show tracing the nation’s history.

Country Bear Jamboree
Have a knee-slappin’ good time at this jolly country-and-western musical revue starring a cast of singing bears

Other Attractions

Cinderella Castle
nspired by the castle in the Disney film Cinderella, this enchanting edifice is the symbol of Magic Kingdom park.

Tom Sawyer Island
Travel by log raft to this secret rustic hideaway inspired by the stories of Mark Twain.

Swiss Family Treehouse
Explore the ultimate treehouse—and behold breathtaking views—inspired by the classic Disney film, Swiss Family Robinson.

Main Street Vehicles
Travel back in time during a breezy drive down Main Street, U.S.A. in a charming turn-of-the-century vehicle.

Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade
Take aim at nearly 100 targets in an Old West-themed shooting gallery.

Enchanted Tales with Belle
Relive the magic of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast by taking part in her fairytale—alongside Belle herself!

A Pirate’s Adventure
Ahoy, mateys! Join an interactive hunt for secret treasures hidden throughout Adventureland.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
Cast magical spells throughout Magic Kingdom park to defeat dastardly Disney Villains.

Shows & Parades
Nighttime Spectaculars

Happily Ever After Fireworks

Go on a dazzling journey of color, light and song that captures the heart, humor and heroism of many favorite Disney animated films.

Watch in awe as Cinderella Castle becomes part of the story by magically transforming through amazing state-of-the art projection technology that you have to see to believe.

This astounding 18-minute fireworks extravaganza uses more lights, lasers and special effects than any other fireworks spectacular in the history of Magic Kingdom park, plus a soaring score featuring contemporary versions of beloved Disney songs.

Discover the magic of movies—and be inspired to find your own happily ever after.

Family Friendly

Duration 18 Minutes

Once Upon A Time
Join your animated hosts Mrs. Potts and her son Chip for a captivating bedtime story that recounts cherished moments from tales that begin with the classic line, “Once Upon A Time.”

With dazzling special effects and soaring music, the show sweeps you away to far-off lands—as scenes from Cinderella, Peter Pan, Frozen, Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast are projected onto the iconic palace. Enjoy your very own happily ever after—every night!

Family Friendly

Duration 14 Minutes

Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade

The unbridled enchantment and vivid pageantry of Fantasyland—and its many inhabitants—winds its way through the park in a thrilling parade spectacular. The dazzling mix of floats, motion and original music will keep you humming along for days to come.
Be a part of this grand gala, with spectacular, state-of-the-art floats starring some of your favorite Disney Characters, colorfully costumed performers on stilts, pendulums and swings—and even a fire-breathing dragon. It’s a festival of fun for everyone!

Family Friendly

Duration 12 Minutes

Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It! Street Party

Clap your hands, sing along and boogie down as Mickey and Minnie are led down Main Street U.S.A. to Cinderella Castle by energetic, live-singing hosts on a fun-filled “mouse”-ical procession.

Move and shake along to the new, original song “It’s a Good Time” and modern remixes of classic tunes. Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Clarabelle will be there too, complete with dazzling floats.

Family Friendly

Duration 35 Minutes

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire

It takes a whole enchanted kingdom to put on this show—and you’re cordially invited. Look for Tiana and friends from The Princess and the Frog and Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled. Mickey even recruits Olaf, Anna and Elsa from Frozen to join in!

Watch as classic and contemporary Disney Characters interact in a magical, musical extravaganza featuring lively dancing, dazzling effects and music from the films.

Family Friendly

Park Map

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