Disneyland Paris Know Before You Book 2022/2023

Disneyland Paris Is it cheap ?

We are seeing the word “cheapest” appear more and more on social media when it comes to people looking for help with booking a Disneyland Paris holiday, but is going the cheapest way, the best way or even the right way?

Everyone’s perception of a cheap Disney holiday will varies greatly depending upon the vacation budget they have set themselves and what they expect to be able to booked for that money. This is why we highly recommend you are realistic with your expectations before getting a quote. Real world prices may not always fit with your available funds and can lead to big disappointments.

We understand that in the current climate finding an affordable holiday is a priority for most travelers and getting value for money is very important to but one question you should always ask yourself before booking the cheapest options is “Why is it cheap?”.

There is a reason why felt tip pens from a discount stores are a lot cheaper then buying the more expensive brand named coloring pens, they generally don’t last that long or work that well, but we expect this fact based on the price we pay. Travel works the same.

So to help you decide what options are the best option for you, we have googled the most asked Disneyland Paris ‘cheapest’ questions and provided our honest opinion and advice below …  

What is the cheapest month to go to Disneyland Paris?

January can be a great time to visit Disneyland Paris and to pick up some amazing package deals, especially if you want to try out a Disney hotel without the hefty price tags. Yes, January at Disneyland Paris is going to be cold (7°/1° Avg) and can sometimes snow, but you’ll get a whole lot more magic done since there are alot less crowds to contend with.

January at Disneyland Paris is also great time of year to go with younger children since the nighttime spectacular starts a lot earlier (usually around 6pm) then it does in the summer months so no need to worry about trying to keep the little ones awake to watch Illuminations.

The cross over week between Halloween & Christmas seasons can also be a cheaper time to visit Disneyland Paris. This is usually the second week in November (between 6th and 12th) and if you time it right, you can enjoy the end of the Halloween frights along with the start of the Christmas festivities, but pay a lower package price.

Generally speaking it’s cheaper to visit during weekdays throughout the year then at weekends but remember to check for French national holidays to avoid those inevitably busy days.

Is two days enough for Disneyland Paris?

Simply answer. No! 

Disneyland Paris is made up of two themed parks (Disneyland Park & Walt Disney Studios Park) with over 50+ attractions, rides, shows & spectaculars to enjoy, and a village full of shops & dining opportunities to visit, so ideally we would recommend a minimum stay of at least three full days.

Remember that number of days in the parks doesn’t necessarily corresponded to number of nights booked. For example to have 3 full days of magic could book just a 2 night stay if your flights are early enough in the morning on day 1 and late enough on day 3.

Where is the cheapest place to buy park tickets?

While it is totally your choice as to where and whom you buy your Disneyland Paris park tickets from, we know that our prices are some of the best value and cheapest on the market when compared to direct and other third party sellers.

With our tickets you get the same level of protections, refundable cancelation periods and access to the parks as you would with a ticket purchased direct but for cheaper.

Why pay more for park tickets ?  … Prices do vary depending on dates and days so request your quote today so you can decide who offers you the best deal.

Is Character dining worth the money ?

This is one of the most common questions asked online about Disneyland Paris and is again dependent on your expectations and your budget. Having a meal plan with character dining included or just having character dining pre-booked can take a lot of financial pressure of you during your stay, however it all depends on how you like to dine and how much you want to spend on food.

Is Character dining worth the money?, absolutely YES! .. Well worth saving for.

Check out these character dining reviews from Megan Loves Magic. 

Disneyland Paris has a number of table service dining opportunities for you to share extra magical moments with your favorite Disney Characters while enjoying tasty food options from either a buffet or an la carte menu. Plus some of the best character interactions only happen during a dining reservations.

We would recommend booking as early as possible, in fact we can add Character dining to most on site Disney hotel stays as part of your package, or you can reserve a table via the official Disneyland Paris app from 60 days out from your arrival date.

If you’re going to Disneyland Paris on a budget the breakfast will be your cheapest character dining option and if you book this at Plaza Gardens during Extra Magic Hours you can be one of the first guests in the Park that day to meet the characters.

Contact us to find out how much it will cost to include character dining in your Disneyland Paris holiday package.

Is is cheaper to book everything separately ?

This is another popular question that keeps appearing on social media groups and while you can sometimes save money booking all your holiday elements separately yourself, it is far from the best or safest way to travel.

In light of recent years where major airlines have gone bust at the drop of a hat, pandemic restrictions have brought holidays to a halt without prior warning and strike actions have left travelers stranded without alternative options, is going it alone really a smart move for your holiday !

Who do you turn to when a problem arises with any of the elements you have booked separately? ..That could be a lot of long phone calls you need to make or days of waiting for message replies while you try to fix the issue one way or another. Booking with an agent means you have one single point of instant contact and they do they hard work.

On the question of cheaper, It is a huge misconception that travel agents will cost you more to book your holiday with. Generally speaking Travel agents have access to more suppliers and offers then you do and therefore if you book your entire package with them you not only could save more money but you’ll know that what you have booked is fully protected in the event of the unknown.

Quick DLP Saving Example: The price you see on the Disneyland Paris website is the same price that we see except we have a contract with Disney that allows us to be flexible with those price. This meaning we can offer you the exact same package including the holiday protections that Disney is offering you, just for less money.

Did also you know: ATOL only protects your entire holiday when all elements are booked at the same time with the same ATOL provider. If you book your flights direct, your hotel from a third-party and your tickets via Disney, assuming your chosen airline provides an ATOL certificate (Ryanair packages for example do not), then you are not protected under the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations. Find out more here  

Is it better to book Disneyland Paris with a credit card ?

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act (UK) can give you more protection than booking with a debit card, when it comes to getting a refund for your holiday – if you spent between £100 to £30,000. It is possible with a debit card to, but it’s much more complicated and challenging.

It’s one of the best ways to protect yourself if your airline or travel company collapses before (or during) your travels. It also gives you an easy recourse if the above wrongfully deny you a refund, as you can initiate a chargeback through your credit card company.

Initiating a chargeback doesn’t mean you will automatically get your money back though as there is a process that has to follow and the companies you want to claim against will have a chance to put their case forward for why issues happened and how the offered to resolve them.

There is a time limit of 120 days from when you first notice a problem to make your chargeback request and remember that it isn’t as simple as you didn’t like what you got and want your money back, there is criteria for when chargebacks will be valid.

Section 75 doesn’t fully cover you if you purchased your holiday elements separately, used cash withdrawn from a credit card to make your purchases, park tickets are not always accepted for chargeback since the parks would be open, car hire is rarely included since cover is generally provided by the supplier, or your combined purchase is less than £100.

Remember also for a chargeback to be successful you must have keep up with your monthly payments with no defaults and also have paid any additional credit card fees that a provider may charge you for using this type of payment.

Find out more information on section 75 here

Is it cheaper to stay at a partner hotel then at a Disney hotel ?

This is another question that is all relative to your expectations, your holiday budget, the time of year you want to travel and the size of your travel party. So is it cheaper to stay off site?, well generally speaking yes but there is a lot of differing factors to weigh up when considering the two options.

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